We meet with you once a month because some things are better done in person. At other times, we are always available on the phone or via email

Our goal is to optimize the operational efficiency of your company

We provide you a dedicated

Chief Operating Officer and Business Manager

who will take care of both

strategic planning as well as day-to-day administrative support.

Below are the most common tasks we work on.


AI driven websites sending you resumes are great and all, but you still need to think about the role, what they will do, what kind of person you’re looking for, what to pay them etc. We can help to :

  • Plan your team structure

  • Create job descriptions

  • Create remuneration package

  • Advertise vacancies

  • Review resumes

  • Vet candidates

  • Create job offer letters

  • Negotiate contracts

  • On board new staff

  • Validate hours to Payroll

  • Create performance review structure


You’re not doing this all alone. At the minimum, you have an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent. Perhaps you need a new security officer, payroll provider etc.

We can help to :

  • Create your requirements document

  • Source potential suppliers

  • Evaluate their proposals

  • Negotiate for the best deal

  • Review their contracts

  • Manage their performance


That big contract is great. But let’s keep the ball rolling so the good times keep going. That’s why you have a company right?

We can help to :

  • Create or update your marketing plan 

  • Write copy for to attract your target clients

  • Update your website and social media feeds

  • Create templates for a more professional look eg. Proposals, presentations, forms

  • Qualify sales opportunities

  • Set up your CRM and contract management platform

  • Review your proposals

  • Negotiate contracts

But these are not all that we can do. 

If you have other specific requirements, let us know

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