We meet with you once a month because some things are better done in person. At other times, we are always available on the phone or via email

Our goal is to optimize the operational efficiency of your company

We start by getting to know where you are at and then offer two options :

1) START UP - set up reliable systems and create efficient processes

2) RUN - manage daily operations with experienced business managers

Here are some ways we have helped our clients




Employees costs can make up the majority of your business expense and time commitment. We can help to :

  • create compensation framework

  • set up recruitment and selection process

  • develop employment agreements

  • onboard new staff

  • manage time tracking and reporting

  • create performance review structure



Longevity of businesses depends on maximizing revenues with controlling costs. We can help to :

  • research resource market rates

  • set up DCAA compliant time tracking 

  • set up integrated project mgmt system

  • manage invoice submission and payment

  • solicit and evaluate vnedor proposals

  • monitor and manage vendor performance



Marketing when used in a targeted way, fuels sales growth. By understanding your target market, we can help you to :

  • Create or update your marketing plan 

  • Update your website copy and design

  • Maintain social media content

  • Create professional templates

  • Set up a customer (CRM) database

  • Set up a contracts management system

We have helped one-man consultancies transition to full fledged companies with multiple projects and business lines.

Can we help you make that move?