We believe that you can succeed if you have time to focus on your core idea. Therefore, we aim to take care of the business elements of your company so that you can take back your time to do just that.

We are always available on the phone or via email. And we meet with you in person monthly for discussions that are better done that way

As you’re growing, our fixed monthly rate is more affordable than the cost of hiring a COO full-time in house

Ann Lim

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Building on a multidisciplinary career in global IT enterprises, working in product management, marketing and sales, Ann uses that broad experience and perspective to help companies scale up and run their operations efficiently.

Committed to helping small business owners realize their dreams, Ann volunteer as a SCORE mentor, providing support and guidance to startups at their very early stages.

Candice Kortegast

Candice graduated from Virginia Tech in 2016 with a Finance major. She moved to New York City to work for Citibank. When she found commercial banking to be wanting, she decided to move to the small business sector where she can make a bigger impact. She has since managed the day to day operations of thriving small businesses, doing a multitude of tasks including  recruitment, staff and appointment scheduling, billing, running payroll and creating how-to-guides.

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